Friday, January 27, 2012

Business Information Technology Department at Minot State University - Minot, North Dakota - Free Opportunities in Technology Seminar on February 23 -- 12:30-2:00 pm Slaaten Learning Center

Dr. Lori Willoughby and the MSU BIT Department are organizing a seminar for students “Opportunities in Technology.”

This seminar will be held in all rooms of the Slaaten Learning Center on Thursday, February 23 from 12:30 – 2:00 pm……..

Dr. Willoughby will kick off the session, then a short keynote speaker, followed by 4 break-out sessions…..

Industry leaders are being invited to meet with the students and have some interaction with our MSU students.

All students are welcome to attend and have conversations about technology.

Please contact Deanna Klein or Tom Seymour if you have some ideas to make this an exciting technology seminar for our students…….

Microsoft Partners in Learning

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North Dakota Association of Counties

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Minot Democrats to Meet -- North Dakota

• Assess where our districts stand, who are our district officers and where are the vacancies.

• In 2011, our area lost many fine democrats. We need a plan to recruit and welcome new faces.

• Begin the search for strong democratic candidates for Districts 38 and 40.

• District Conventions are February 10th. More details will be released at a later date.

This meeting is for everyone, whether you are an active Democrat or you just want to be involved. Our Sate Party Executive Director, Andy Zabel and Field Director, Shane Zahrt will be joining us. Please plan on attending and remember to bring a friend. Hope to see everyone there.

Saturday, January 28th 2012

10:00 a.m.

714th Union Hall located at 1925 North Broadway

New Tablet Computer Should Have ????

Minot Flood Protection Meeting Tuesday - North Dakota

Saturday, January 7, 2012

SRT Promotes Their College Scholarship Program for 2012

Bush Foundation Grant - Apply

Online Form Builder --

Ideas from PC Mike

Happy New Year Tom Seymour:

Welcome to the first PC Mike Newsletter of 2012.

In This issue:

• Consumer Electronics Show

• Rumors&Trends

• PC Mike Q&A

• Facebook Warning

• Cool Websites Worth Checking Out

• PC Mike's Tip 2012 Tech Trend Prediction

Consumer Electronics Show

The annual pilgrimage to Law Vegas and the huge Consumer Electronics Show opens next week. Look for this to be a big item: The telyHD, a set top device you put on top of your big screen TV that does HD Skype video calls. It's powered by the Android operating system and is meant so your whole family can sit on the couch and been seen via Skype.

But I'm also seeing a big business use here, in conference rooms as a remote conferencing tool for meetings. It delivers 720p HD video, high quality audio and works with anyone who has a Skype compatible device, be it a computer, tablet or smartphone.

You plug it into your TV by the HDMI port and it has no subscription cost other than the $249 cost of the telyHD gizmo.

Rumors & Trends - A New iPad? Apple is not confirming it but do not be surprised to see the iPad 3 being announced sometime in February, and available in March or April. Expect this one to have the same high resolution retina display that's available on the iPhone 4S - basically twice the resolution of the iPad 1 or iPad 2. Another possibility: There may be two iPad 3 sizes. The current just-under-10-inch model and new, smaller 7-inch screen. Other predictions are it will have a faster, quad core CPU called the A6 and perhaps - long shot here- that it will have 4G wireless speed availability.

iPhone 5 - It's a safe bet that the update to the iPhone 4S - dubbed the iPhone 5 - will most certainly have 4G speed. All the Apple wireless carriers now offer expanding 4G networks and competing phones are already touting 4G. Apple hates being late to the party. I'm thinking Apple will announce it as early as June, with availability in mid to late summer.

pInterest - Have you discovered pInterest ( yet? This is the next Twitter. The site began last year and currently is invite-only. It lets users take content they care about from around the Web and organize them into "boards." The buzz word for this rapidly growing site is 'social curation," where you "pin" a site or blog post or something you found on the web that you want to share and talk about.

My iPhone Diet and Fitness Book - Shameless plug #1 My brand new, just published book - Best iPhone Apps to Lose Weight and Get in Shape. I'm excited about this. It just went live on the Amazon site over the weekend. Ever since the iPhone was released, millions have used it to organize their lives and keep them on track. So it was inevitable that this powerful mobile device and would play a big role in helping people lose weight and get in shape. Year after year, health and fitness apps have led the lists of the most popular programs for the iPhone and iPad. There are so many, I decided to put together this guide to finding the Best iPhone Apps to Lose Weight and Get in Shape. You can get it at

PC Mike Q&A

Q: Do I get a laptop or a tablet? I want portability. My desktop at work is where I do the heavy lifting.

A: By your question I'm assuming you don't need more than e-mail, web surfing, social media and maybe some video watching or book-reading. If so, a tablet will suffice. You can even do some word processing and spreadsheets with the iPad or the high end Andoid tablets. Tablets are the rage of the CES show in Las Vegas. You'd think tablets are the only consumer products out there this year, that's how much hype you'll be hearing next week! (See my prediction of the top Tech Trend of 2012 at the end of this issue)

Q: I need to organize a class reunion and thought it would be worthwhile to set up a website. How can I have people register for it?

A: Go to and get an individual account. It lets you create contact forms, online surveys, and invitations so you can collect the data, registrations and even payments from people. Use the free service. You can have three different forms with as many as 100 entries a month.

Q. I'm looking for ways to save money. Any web suggestions?

A. I've recently become a big fan of a site called FrugalLiving101 ( run by a husband-wife team. It has a bunch of suggestions on how to save and stretch your money. One recent tip: Hw to make safety razor blades last longer than a month. So simple. Just dry them off with a towel. Turns out it is not the shaving that makes a razor dull. It is the water and shaving cream that deteriorates the edges of the blades. Dry them off after every use and they'll last six months, instead of one.

Q. I don't have a Kindle or mobile device but I would like to be able to read Kindle or Amazon books. Is there a way to do this on my computer?

A: There sure is. Amazon makes free readers you can download to your PC or Mac and then read Kindle books directly on your computer. Go to

Facebook Warning - With 800 million users, Facebook has the traction when it comes to Internet action. So it's no wonder that scamsters and con artists are turning to it in droves.

The scam du jour these days has to do with free gift cards. Ths scamsters say Starbucks, Macys, Kohls or Costco are giving away big buck gift cards and all you have to do is click such and such a link to get one. Of course its a phishing site aimed at stealing your personal info or tricking you to give a credit card number to "verify" your legitimacy. Don't fall for it. Period.

How'd they get your name? Often times, you "friended" you. Scamsters troll Facebook, friending everyone they can. They may lie low and lurk for a while, gathering your friends names and friending them. Then, when it's time to run their con, they send your friends a note, pretending to be you.

The solution? Don't automatically accept every friend request you get. And, of course, don't buy the "free" come on. Nothing in life is really free. Get that through your head and you'll never be a victim.

Cool Stuff Worth Checking Out

Best music site - It's Spotify (, a European-based streaming music service. The free version is pretty amazing.

Getting things done - I love Lifehacker ( This is a daily read blog with really cool tips on how to streamline your life. Everyday, there's something new and useful, from fixing things to organizing things to getting things done.

Woot! Woot! - Maybe you already know about Woot ( Maybe not. But year after year, this deal of the day site is not only fun but manages to find really amazing deals on gizmos and gadgets people real want.

SuperHealthyMe - This is my latest online project, a health and fitness blog ( that is unlike anything I have every done. Remember Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me movie and his experiment to see what would happen if he only ate food from McDonalds? At the end of 30 days, he was so sick he was advised to stop the experiment.But what would happen if - instead of fast food - someone were to eat only good-for-you food? Nutritious food, organic fruits and vegetables supplemented, when needed, by the right vitamins and minerals. That's the quest I've begun with Super Healthy Me, chronicled online through a website and blog that will allow you to follow the project through every possible form of social media. So far, I'm down 25 pounds! I'd be honored if you came by the website to visit. Shameless plug #2: If you want to see e verything I've learned so far in an e-book called How to Cut Body Fat through a Nutritious Diet , go to

PC Mike's Top 2012 Tech Trend Prediction

As I hinted above, I'm predicting right now that tablets will replace laptops as preferred portable computing device.

The iPad was the gizmo to have for the past two years but now Android and the Kindle and the Nook and other ebook readers have become so competitive, we are seeing new apps and programs being written for the tablets that rival what you can do on a laptop. I'm seeing a clear trend away from the iPad towards Android and Kindle tablets. The iPad will still be the top seller but now that the rivals have improved so much, we're going to see laptop sales decline. Tablets are going to take their place and restrict laptops mostly to business use. Mark my words!

That's it for this month. Be sure to check out http;// for daily tech news and reviews. You can also follow us on Twitter @pcmike or on Facebook at

Thanks for reading and if I welcome your feedback.

See you next month.

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