Sunday, September 13, 2015

Minot City Commission Idea Lacks Planning

City commission idea lacks planning

September 13, 2015
Tom Seymour - Minot Minot Daily News
Shaun Sipma and Representative Scott Louser, leaders of the proposed idea to reduce the current Minot City Council to a Commission of five people from citizens possibly living on one Minot city block, have a poorly thought out plan for the future of Minot.
Currently, the city of Minot has seven wards, and the city alderman are dispersed among these seven wards in Minot with every citizen having representation in their area of the city. In the proposed plan, three commissioners could be running the city on any given issue.
This does not make sense for a City with 50,000 people. Yes, there have been some uncontested elections for city council, but no one has stopped Shaun Sipma, Scott Louser, or anyone from their committee from running for the Minot City Council.
As a city aldermen since 2010, in a contested election, I personally think this initiative needs more planning before any signatures on a petition are placed before the Minot City Council.

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