Thursday, January 21, 2016

City of Minot's HUD Award

Minot NDRC Award Outlined by HUD
Minot, ND – January 21st, 2016
For Immediate Release
Contact: Bob Lindee – Public Information Officer 701-857-4727
MINOT’S AWARD FOR NATIONAL DISASTER RESILIENCE COMPETITION OUTLINED BY HUD In a letter to City of Minot, The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has outlined the full amount of funding and projects approved from the National Disaster Resilience Competition. In the letter, HUD congratulated the city on its Phase 2 application. “Your success is a testament to your extraordinary work to design a new way of rebuilding. The rest of the nation will be looking to your projects as a model of resilient recovery. This award notification is the beginning of a partnership intended to get your selected projects underway and completed in a timely manner.” Minot’s total award is $74,340,770. HUD has agreed to partially fund all of the projects that the City of Minot outlined in the Phase 2 application (listed below.)
•Reduce flood risk and increase resilience. The flood risk reduction projects proposed belowreframe Minot's approach to flood risk reduction, from an infrastructure-only approach to alayered strategy of grey, green, and non-structural techniques to reduce risks and costs whileadapting to a changing climate.
•Build affordable, resilient neighborhoods. So that people who move out of harm’s way throughthe buy-out program can remain in Minot. For civilian military personnel at Minot Air Force Basewho want to put down roots in our City. For our most vulnerable residents including the elderly,the disabled, and the homeless.
•Foster economic resilience and diversification. Three activities are included in this project: aCenter for Technical Education, relocation of the MSU Art Department Complex to downtown,and moving City Hall outside of the flood plain along with a new one-stop social services facility.
HUD and City Staff will now begin working through the steps necessary to receive the grant, and determine specific funding for each of the projects above.

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